Samliku album cover by Noya Godwin Jürjendal - artwork by A.E.Godwin/Ameera

Samliku by Noya Godwin Jürjendal

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"Superior Progressive Ambient from veterans Godwin and Noya, mightily inspired by Estonian guitar whiz Robert Jürjendal. Spacious, engaging, powerful.”- Stephen Hill, Hearts of Space

A collaboration which began with a live appearance at Kukemuru Ambient Festival in Estonia in 2016 has yielded a brand-new trio including North American vocalist Paul Godwin, Venezuelan keyboardist Miguel Noya and Estonian guitarist Robert Jürjendal. For a month during the Fall of 2018 we gathered in an historic schoolhouse by the Pärnu jõgi (River Parnu) in rural Estonia. We experimented with new techniques in capturing the balmy autumn days and mysterious windy nights on the river.

The album includes 40 minutes of new music, some of it entirely improvised and recorded live.  Featuring melodies derived from Robert's guitar and heightened ambient electronics by Miguel with Paul's addition of vocal and drum work, the music has been described by an early listener as "propulsive and liminal."  There are five central pieces including a 15-minute, 3 part suite "The Big Slow" which builds to a progressive rock climax.  We hope you will enjoy it!

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