Sneak Preview from Noya Godwin Jürjendal

The March of the Goat Machines from SAMLIKU

An advance listen to a cut from the new album, SAMLIKU, a collaboration with Estonian guitarist, Robert Jürjendal. This first track, "The March of the Goat Machines" is a live improvisation recorded in Estonia. 

I Am the Size of What I See


Our brand new release was created and recorded during 2016-17 in Portugal, Italy and Estonia. The EP forges soundscapes set in cobbles and stork factories with inspiration from The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa and features guest musicians Robert Jürjendal (guitar) and Kai Eckhardt (bass). 

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I Lay Down

All My Relations (at peace)

I Lay Down by Dogon featuring Kai Eckhardt on bass.
2016, NEWdOG Records

Cloudy With a Chance of Meeting

Smellucinations Vol. 1

Cloudy With A Chance of Meeting by Dogon
2014 NEWdOG Records