How did we get here?

Paul Godwin and Miguel Noya met at the 1981 opening concert of the King Crimson "Discipline Tour" in Boston. They began collaborating the next day as students at Berklee College of Music. Their first band Dog 46, a synth-punk outfit, appeared at demonstrations and living rooms in the Boston area. In 1988 they formed Dogon in Caracas, Venezuela, Noya's native country. Thirty years later the duo have recorded and performed throughout the world and continue to explore the distant horizons of electro-acoustic music.


Where are we going today?

We draw inspiration from the every day moments and the grand operatic visions that continue to plague us no matter how often we follow our breath. Will humanity survive? Is disclosure immanent? What is the sound of disquiet?


Collaborative Forces

We continue to find solace and inspiration from collaborators including Robert Jürjendal, A.E.Godwin (Ameera), Kai Eckhardt, Jhno, David Rothenberg, Nélia Pinheiro, Alberto Caeiro and many others. 

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Do you have questions, want to book a show, or collaborate on a new piece? Reach out and let's make music happen. 

Godwin/Noya aka Dogon

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